Let’s not throw all this away

If something makes a good sound bite and it’s racy enough, it doesn’t matter much now if it’s true or not, it can spread all over social media and be halfway around the world long before the truth can catch up.

Unscrupulous people in positions either of power, responsibility or…

A Sideways Approach

We men have thrown away eons of wisdom. We deride our elders and we’ve normalized immaturity. We’ve harvested a glut of dangerous idiots and monsters but we can put it right.

As an example of normalized immaturity: there are t-shirts for sale for adults, printed with the…

Beliefs and convictions — ‘Sacred Cows’ — can be misconceived, inaccurate or become outdated, making them more like ‘Pigs on Stilts’. Why do we even need beliefs? What effect does it have when they’re wrong? How can we recognize that and what can we do about it?

Why I started thinking about this

Have you ever…

Simon Birkby

I’m relentlessly curious. I thought I’d start sharing what I find, in the hope that someone else finds these things useful — or at least just interesting.

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